Il s’agit du troisième émulateur de Nintendo DS (créé par Lino) à être releasé au public mais c’est par contre le premier à émuler des jeux commerciaux.

Les améliorations:

– Fixed a bug in video memory writing.
– Fixed a bug in SWI Breakpoints (now are SWI 0xFD000, 0xFC000 in ARM mode and SWI 0xFD and 0xFC in THUMB mode).
– Fixed a bug when resizing debugger window.
– Fixed a bug in LISTRAM_COUNT register.
– Fixed a bug that occur when you load a savestate (no more lcd swapping).
– Fixed bug in Display Capture feature. (DISPCAPCNT).
– Fixed bug in DMAxCNT registers when starting mode is 4.
– Fixed bugs in BGxCNT registers.
– Fixed a bug in VRAM Display.
– Fixed bug in rendering of polygons with alpha channel in textures.
– Fixed bug in VRAMCNT_A and VRAMCNT_B registers.
– Added SpeedUp Button (CTRL+Space Bar).
– Added BKPT opcode for ARM and THUMB state.
– Added Main Memory rendering (only Display Capture).

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