Le développement de cet émulateur a débuté le 14/10/2004. Sa priorité est de servir d’outil de débugging et de posséder un code propre. Sa compatibilité est de l’ordre de ~80% et requiert une configuration assez musclée en comparaison avec ses concurrents (~10-20% moins rapide que Zsnes).

Too much to really name. The biggest news is that the entire user interface has been re-written from scratch. It is now far more polished and professional. To name one example; the cheat code editor now has checkboxes in the list to quickly toggle codes on an off, there is now a global hotkey to toggle all cheat codes, and each cheat code can contain multiple individual Game Genie or Pro Action Replay codes, allowing easy grouping of multi-part codes.

You’ll also notice new artwork: a logo created by Derrick Sobodash (note that the logo contest from below is still active — if someone can design a better logo, it can appear in v041), and a new photo-realistic SNES controller graphic by FirebrandX.

I was finally able to utilize MinGW’s profile-guided optimizations, which means this release is approximately ~12% faster than v039.

And emulation itself was even improved(!), such as with Jonas Quinn’s fix for a sprite overflow bug.

There were many other changes as well: Linux users will be happy to see RGB overlay support for the X-Video driver, many will benefit from greatly enhanced warning messages and tooltips throughout the GUI, Windows users will now be able to access the menu without freezing emulation, etc etc.

Télécharger bsnes [Pragmatic] v0.070 (5,3 Mo)

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