Raine est un émulateur Arcade. Conçu à l’origine pour émuler « Rainbow Islands », il supporte maintenant un paquet de jeux basés sur du hardware « Taito », « Jaleco » et bien d’autres encore.

– emudx dir, artwork dir and screenshots dir becomes configurable via the gui, from « Options » in the main menu.
– Fixed hq2x/3x but in 16bpp this time. This produced a crash when trying to enable hq2x/3x after loading a game in any win32 fullscreen mode, and the left part of the bitmap was missing like the previous bug for 32bpp… oh well at least it shows there are really not enough people reporting bugs in win32… !
– Fixed a crash in the autofire dialog for games which don’t map an input with « button » in its name (like aquajack).
– Aqua jack is now in the partially working game, because it freezes before the boss in the 2nd level.
– Include the patch from Gelide project to have the « -fs » command line argument to toggle fullscreen !
– All the games using a 6502 were broken in 0.51.0 because of the changes to make everything optional in the compilation. Fixed now.
– Bezels are now correctly displayed when using scanlines : double height+double width.

Télécharger Raine (Win) v0.64.15 (2,2 Mo)

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