Un émulateur de NeoGeoCD basé en partie sur neocdpsp de Yoyofr.

– Fixed hq2x/3x in 16bpp, see raine changelog for details
– Running games without sound emulation should now work correctly (very likely to crash previously !).
– You can now choose in neocd options to always turn cd music off when loading a file, which is what the console was doing because it couldn’t do both at the same time. It can still be usefull to do the same in some very rare cases, so it’s your choice.
– You can now mute either the sfx or the cd music in the sound options menu.
– The default sfx volume and cd volume are now both 60, and there is an option to return to the default volumes in the sound menu.
– When restoring a savegame new cdda commands are now always handled (they could be ignored in some cases before).

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