Appelé également Gens Movie, il s’agit d’une version de Gens (basé sur la version 2.12a) permettant d’enregistrer vos parties sous l’émulateur.

-Loading roms and such from command line no longer requires use of the -rom [or relevant] command line switches (nitsuja)
-More emulation variables properly initialized on ROM load (nitsuja)
-FrameCounter positioning now adjust so that it will not run past the right edge of the screen. (upthorn)
-Fixed automatic gmv backup bug where [movie_name].bak.gmv would become the current version and [movie_name].gmv the unmodified backup. (upthorn)
-Added desync warning when playing a movie from a savestate that has no input data saved in it whatsoever. (upthorn)
-Fixed bulletproof rerecording and desync detection compatibility with savestates from recently obsoleted gens versions. (upthorn)

Télécharger Gens Rerecording v2.12 Movie 11c SVN 352 (883,4 Ko)

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