Un plugin gérant les joypads sous les émulateurs de PS2, créé par ChickenLiver.

– Note that force feedback bindings will be lost when upgrading, due to some changes in the ini format.
– Added PadFreeze function so no longer have to wait for pad to be initialized before loading states with any games. Requires PCSX2 r791 or later for this to work.
– Hack to display current save state number in window title.
– Removed « Enable pressure sensitive buttons » button. Now attempt to autodect when you’re trying to bind one. If that fails, there’s also a pulldown with similar functionality.
– Added Vista-only option that uses Vista’s current process-only volume control stuff to make volume keys/knobs only affects PCSX2, when PCSX2 is running and GS window is in front.
– Fullscreen escape hack should no longer break GSDX+DX9.
– Removed all « axis » buttons, as they’re no longer needed in any situations.
– Can select multiple bindings to set their sensitivity/turbo values at once.
– Removed extra buttons that were supposed to be hidden from the guitar configuration screen. 0.9.5’s new force feedback stuff caused them to no longer be hidden.
– Display force feedback axis names
– Disabled/bindingless DirectInput devices are no longer instantiated except during device enumeration in an attempt to circumvent potential DirectInput/XInput infighting.
– Bug when refreshing devices when device added/removed fixed.
– Display current version in config screen title and about dialog.
– « GS Thread updates » disabled and grayed out for PSX emulators.
– Fixed a pair of bugs with flipped controls and sensitivity > 1.
– Fixed a bug with only using half the range of pressure sensitive buttons.
– « Ignore keyboard » removed from device list. Testing it didn’t work and wouldn’t serve any real purpose even if it did. « Test device » is really only intended for DirectInput and XInput devices, anyways, though it should work fine for everything else listed as well.
– Fixed a couple issues with disconnected devices.
– Removed some unnecessary mouse capture code for mouse raw input.
– Renamed some options in the menus to be more end user friendly.
– Other miscellaneous interfaces changes.

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