Un frontend hyper complet pour mame (ou autres), très configurable et souvent mis à jour.

– ROMs were not being shown correctly in game details screen, when tagged with bad checksum (ROMs List)
– Media type of CHD based games was not being set correctly when creating a MAME games list
– Single game scans were not updating the games list file (.el) correctly in some cases
– After adding/deleting games to/from favorites/hidden games list, the memory vars were not being updated with the new game selection
– Found ROMs info in game details screen was not including CHDs with bad checksum
– Main window out of focus after exiting MAWS game info

– CHD files are verified thru its SHA-1 checksum now (header version 3 and 4). Unfortunately, CHD files that use a header version 1 or 2 are not supported by the front-end anymore!
– You must create your MAME games list again

– MAME CHD files are correctly validated now, by detecting the « MComprHD » tag and the header version. If the tag doesn’t exist, the CHD file is set as invalid, and the MD5/SHA1 checksum is not verified
– Game details UI changed a little bit. CHD files are also listed in the « Game Files » section. It shows file found or missing status, and the version of the header next to it… :-))

– Support for MAME 0.130u1
– Detection of the new version 4 header (CHD files). Headers version 1 and 2 are no longer supported by the front-end
– New CHD type added: « PCMCIA » in « ini_fileschd_mediatype.ini » (used when creating MAME games list)
– New games filters added: « Taito G-Net System » and « CHD – PCMCIA »

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