Un émulateur de NeoGeoCD basé en partie sur neocdpsp de Yoyofr.

– Fix the stupid bug with « mute sfx » freezing the emulation
– Fix a crash when trying to cancel « update sprite block » in neocd options.
– Now correctly emulate the pause command sent to the audio cd before
loading any file from the cd. The « Always stop cd music while loading »
option moves from neocd options to sound options and is now set to yes by
default, and is saved while you leave the emulator.
– Speed hacks are coming back in a better form. The speed hacks
autodetection could not work anymore for a few versions, it’s working
again now (try ironclad, you’ll see the difference). There is now an
option in « neocd options » to disable speed hacks if you fear the game
might be a little faster with speed hacks enabled (it’s not the case normaly
speed hacks just make the animations smoother normaly, but there might be

Télécharger NeoRaine v1.4.3 (2,1 Mo)

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