Atari800 est un émulateur Atari 800 mais aussi Atari XL / XE / et VCS 5200. Le projet est open-source.

New features:
– added Axlon and Mosaic RAM expansions for Atari 400/800
– added emulation of 1400XL, 1450XLD, MIO and Black Box
– added support of .PRO copy-protected disk images
– implemented tape loading with variable bitrates
– implemented cassette writing via hardware registers
– added switching between NTSC and PAL color palettes
– added emulation of XEP80 and a prototype 80 column card for the Atari 1090 (SDL only currently)
– added emulation of CX85 numeric keyboard (Java and SDL only)
– event recording added (-record, -playback): save your game walkthrough using the « -record mygame.dat » and later impress your friends by your game skills or highest score using the « -playback mygame.dat »
– NTSC Filter option added to UI
– -directmouse added to SDL and X11 (used for -mouse pad or koala)
– monitor supports arrow keys – e.g. up-arrow for history
– SDL: interpolated scanlines (use -scanlinesnoint to disable)
– SDL: added -mouse, -mousespeed, -grabmouse (also Alt+M)
– SDL: visual configuration of keyboard joysticks layout in the UI (F1 -> Controller Configuration -> Define layout) default mapping changed to 4,8,6,5 (joy0) and A,W,D,S (joy1)
– R: device can be serial-only, network-only or both (selectable)
– R: device now supported on MS Windows and Dreamcast as well
– a completely new port to Java using NestedVM, running also as an applet
– Falcon/TT: removed Devpac dependency in asm files (now gcc friendly)

– fix for « Ilusia » demo
– better GTIA bug mode emulation
– POKEY sound: nonlinear mixing (not enabled by default), two-tone filter
– fixed POKEY registers: ALLPOT, IRQEN and STIMER
– various Atari5200 fixes
– fixed Atrax cartridge bank switching
– fixed sound recording to WAV
– -showspeed fixed, now shows speed <= 100% correctly - major source code cleanup, compiles with -pedantic etc. - Save State: added support for Axlon and Mosaic (version increased to 5), fixed PBIM12 restoring, fixed PAGED_MEM error with POKEY, color palette restoring fixed - SDL: using DirectX driver on MS Windows (much faster), fixed stdout.txt on MS Windows, fixed broken Caps Lock key handling, -audio16 fixed - Dreamcast recognizes the TAB key - MS-Windows: Shift+Control fixes - dropped SVGAlib target - use SDL instead

Télécharger Atari800 (Dos) v3.1.0 (738,0 Ko)

Télécharger Atari800 (Win) v3.1.0 (1,3 Mo)

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