Mame Player est un tout petit frontend destiné à Mame.

– Fixed: bug if you selected ‘no’ for fastscan.
– Optimised: XML parser.
– Added a small amount of sleep time to shell loop code so verifying roms no longer uses 100% of your CPU.
– Added a ‘Grouped’ gamelist view.
– Removed ‘Icons’ gamelist view (pointless as no icon support).
– Added a Toolbar button to verify selected set.
– Added a ‘fast scan’ option to skip verifying sets and check for filenames only. Sets must be split.
This is prompted only for the first run of mame player and after the detection of a new mame binary CRC. It saves time as MAME doesn’t have to verify sets, but results are not as accurate as some clone sets don’t have their own file. You can always verify individual sets that you know are like that (candance). Not recommended for
fast PCs and/or if you want accurate rusults.
– Removed ‘Hide Preliminary’ menu item.
– Changed: search field text becomes selected on focus.
– Removed BIOS column from the game list.
– Changed: BIOS sets are now hidden from the game list, and won’t show in a search.
– Added menu item ‘Show BIOS List’.
– Added coin lockout to options.
– Changed: Picture/History divider now springs to the width of the picture when the main window is sized horizontally.
Resizing the main window wider at a faster speed will unlock the divider.
– Added: double clicking the area to the left of the snap scrollbar, toggles the scrollbar’s visibilty.
– Added: ‘Open History in notepad’ menu item (for selected game). Handy if you play in a window.
– Fixed: game, driver and vector ini files so that they do not include directory/path options. Having those options
included caused MAME to not see your changed mame.ini paths.
– Removed tick and check icons.
– Added a toolbar button ‘Add To Favourites’.
– Changed the behaviour of the toolbar buttons to be more practical.
– Simplified some menu items.
– Added a checkbox to toggle all artwork.
– Fixed: bug in menu items for View…Fullscreen (gamelist) and View…Menu Bar, where the user had to click twice to toggle.
– Changed: Startup video window now has no title bar or menu bar, and doesn’t show in the taskbar. This way it looks more like a splash screen. Pressing Esc cancels the playback and closes the window.
– Other stuff I forgot about.

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