Une version modifiée de l’émulateur de Playstation PCSX. Elle ajoute plusieurs options pour l’enregistrement de vidéos.

-Added RAM Poke.
-Spaces can now be used in command line arguments.
-Added « -memwatch » and « -readonly » command line options.
-Plugin filenames changed to gpuTAS.dll, spuTAS.dll, etc.
-TAS CD-ROM Plugin now uses SaPu’s CDR plugin.
-RAM watch can now watch signed values.
-Fixed mistake made since v0.0.7, where the emulator version in the movie file was always « 6 ».
-The movie replay dialog now shows the emulator version that was used in the making of the movie file.
-Cheats don’t return the previous value anymore after being deactivated.
-Fixed bug where temporary memory cards made for a movie were kept even after the movie was stopped.
-Added hotkey for RAM Poke and removed default hotkeys for « Configure X Plugin », since they cause a lot of crashes.
-Removed option to set custom plugins and bios folders. Now PCSX-RR will only use the default « ./bios » and « ./plugins » folders.

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