Une version de VBA (basé sur la dernière version stable) créée par Sébastien Guignot aka kxu avec l’aide de Costis (object mosaic GP32), KVA (ARM/THUMB disassembler), kxu (GTK+ interface), Yann Parmentier aka kohai (new icons) et les ajouts de Nitsuja. Sa fonction première est de développer des fonctionnalités liées à la création de films via des enregistrements vidéos.

Previous version resultion:
– V21 fixes the emulation bug that v20 did (Echo RAM bug fix). However, it does so without breaking compatibility with 19.x movies!
– V20 bugs/regressions are not present in v21 (basically v21 takes 19.3 and refixed it in a much better way)

New Features:
-Lua scripting implemented! For a listing of lua functions click here.
-Lag counter implemented

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed ‘xn’ window size would not reset when clicking on the option that is already checked.
– Fix for not recording the lag Reduction flag in GBA movies caused by using Ctrl-key-combos right before opening the recording
– Fix crash caused by trying to open a file that doesn’t exist and ends with .gba
– Fix crash caused by the sequence « Load movie, use cheat search, close movie, open new movie, open cheat search »

Feature enhancements:
– Drag and Drop for movie files

Télécharger VBA Re-recording v24 LRC4 (svn 480) (1,3 Mo)

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