Un frontend hyper complet pour mame (ou autres), très configurable et souvent mis à jour.

– Detection of large files (bigger than 1.7 GigaBytes) and sorting « file size » columns was not possible due to the range of the « integer » variable type… updated all required variables in the project to « Int64 » (64-bit integer)
– Option « Move Selected to Folder » implemented (scan not used MAMu_ icons feature, popup menu)
– When selecting parent or using the find game edit box in « delete multiple games files » window, the previous selections were not being de-selected (games popup menu, « Delete » / « Game File »)
– All available Taito G-NET clones were being added in the merged sets list. Probably other games that use a bios set but no game set is being added in the list as well (not fixed)

– Simplified « delete multiple game .zip files » feature. No more checking games to delete. To keep any game just remove it from the list using the « Remove Selected » button
– Scan for not used MAMu_ icons only scan « .ico » files from now on… file « ini_filesel_mamu_exclude.ini » updated to only list files with .ico extension

– Updated function « GetFileSize » (uFilesUtil.pas) to use Int64 (64-bit integer variable)
– Files list of « delete not used zip files » feature now have columns that can be sorted (main menu « Settings » / « Maintenance » / « Not Used Zip Files »)

– A couple more details in the CHD info (game details screen, left panel)… also, file size for game .zip and .chd 🙂

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