Une version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– re-added CD32 emulation hack that was removed in b4, fixes unreliable booting in non-JIT modes (do not return TOC until « turn led on/off » command is received. At that time led command was unknown command, now I am quite sure this can’t be the correct way to do it..)
– Rainbow Islands one missing horizontal line fixed (« Ode to Ramon » scanline fix broke this, OCS-only)
– printer GUI changed, checkboxes replaced with select menu. Passthrough: no changes, original printing method. ASCII-only: prints only basic ASCII text. Epson matrix printer emulation: you do not need to know. yet. PostScript options: no changes.
– list also supposedly unsupported modes/refresh rates in resolution list, marked with ‘*’. Ignore modes that have larger resolution than largest supported mode and modes that have 75Hz or higher refresh rate (just to be in safe side..) Some display drivers don’t return custom resolutions in « monitor supported » list..
– loaded configuration files, disk images and statefiles are added to recent list (includes Windows 7 jump list support)
– more accurate audio Paula/native rate conversion (from UADE, I was supposed to merge this fix long long time ago..), this fix and some sound sync code updates mean much improved sound sync (SND% should be much more stable now, including vsync modes)
– filter-panel aspect ratio works as expected, aspect ratio selected is monitor’s aspect ratio and automatic = aspect ratio calculated from desktop resolution (if fullscreen) or window size (if windowed)
– added hack that fixes Pang (and perhaps others) graphics problem, real fix coming (much) later..

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