Créé par Avery Lee (l’auteur de VirtualDub), il s’agit d’un émulateur d’Atari 8 bits (800/800XL/130XE).

Les changements:

[features added]
– CPU: Added an option to disable illegal opcode support.
– Disk: Added .XFD support.
– Disk: Added rudimentary hard disk (H:) support.
– UI: Added exception handler to write crash information.
– UI: F8 now also breaks into the debugger.
– UI: Fixed some window activation issues in the docking system.
– UI: Display is now locked to correct aspect ratio.
– UI: Dockable panes are now based on percentage rather than absolute width.
– UI: Changed location of Registry key to work around antivirus false
– Cartridge: Added support for cartridge images that have headers.
– Cartridge: Added support for MaxFlash 128K and 1M cartridge formats.
– Debugger: F5/F8/F9/F10/Shift+F10 now work.
– Debugger: Frames are now double-clickable in the call stack window.
– Debugger: F10 now works in the console command line.
– Debugger: Added history window.
– HLE: Rewrote HLE kernel mode to be based off the LLE kernel for better

[bugs fixed]
– Simulator: Init and run vectors are now implemented properly — fixes
New Year’s Miracle demo.
– Simulator: $FFFF optional headers in executables no longer produce load
– Kernel: DRKMSK was not set — fixes missing status bar in The Last Word.
– Debugger: The start of instruction PC is now reported instead of the CPU
raw internal PC.
– Debugger: Fixed infinite loop when viewing disassembly beyond $FFFF.
– Debugger: Disassembly view edit window now works.
– Debugger: Fixed a cycle being lost by the CPU on each step or breakpoint
– Debugger: Console window now scrolls to bottom when updating.
– UI: Implemented some Ctrl+Key combinations.
– UI: Fixed jittering problems in full-screen mode.
– UI: Fixed some focus problems when docking and undocking panes.
– UI: Full-screen mode no longer shows window borders when using GDI or
DirectDraw for display.
– UI: Removed horizontal and vertical blank regions from display window.
– UI: Caps Lock now works.
– UI: Mouse pointer is now hidden in full-screen mode.
– Disk: Improved disk emulation compatibility with SpartaDOS X.
– Disk: Fixed corruption of first byte on sector writes.
– Pokey: Added missing channel 2+4 high pass filter.
– Pokey: Fixed off-by-one in 1.79MHz 16-bit timing that screwed up some demos
using 4-bit polynomial beats.
– Pokey: Pot scanning is now implemented.
– GTIA: Color mixing with PRIOR D0-D3=0 now works.
– GTIA: Fixed incorrect luminance for background in 16 color mode.
– GTIA: Fixed player/playfield priorities in 9 color mode.
– GTIA: Fifth player now mixes in PF3 color properly in 16 color/luma modes.
– GTIA: Color registers no longer have four luma bits.
– GTIA: ANTIC modes other than 2, 3, and F now work with GTIA modes.
– GTIA: Implemented psuedo-mode-E caused by resetting the GTIA mode mid-scanline.
– GTIA: Collisions now register in 9 color mode.
– GTIA: Implemented one color clock shift in 9 color mode.
– GTIA: Changing HSCROL in the middle of a mode line now works.
– ANTIC: Corrected WSYNC, DLI, and VBI timing.
– CPU: Fixed instruction timing for read-modify-write opcodes using abs,X

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