Un émulateur de TI89(Titanium), TI92(+) et V200. Il s’agit de la version 3 de TiEmu mais sans le module GDB (Gnu DeBugger).


– removed obsolete « virtual » link cable
– allow automatic changing of link cable setting when requesting a direct file transfer
– adding CR/LF every 16 chars in the link logging window
– added i18n support to some strings

Bug fixes:

– fixed crash when debugging TIGCC program with GDB with low-level debugger in dock mode
– fixed dock window enabling/disabling not to keep the engine running across the restart
– fixed InnoSetup installer for use with GTK>=2.10.x
– don’t allow deleting of last RAM tab to avoid resizing of code/dock window
– fixed build with GCC 4.3
– don’t shutdown screen when reading battery status
don’t resize code windows whenever cycle counter change
– fixed disassembling of some FLINE instructions like 0xf800 (lionel)
– fixed disassembling of BTST instruction (replaced by BRA)
– fixed keynames.c build on OS X
– link with g++ if –with-kde (fixes –with-kde build on OS X)
– fixed use of wrong free function (g_free where gtk_tree_path_free is required) causing crash with GTK+ 2.14
– fixed builtin Tk not working when built against the latest X.Org X11 (Tk bug 2010422)
– merged Lionel’s patch about link logging: ; take into account buffer overflow
– really clears link logging buffer when clicking the ‘Clear’ button
– merged Lionel’s patch: allow mix-up of images created by TiEmu 32-bits and TiEmu 64-bits
due to a bug in IMG_INFO structure
– fixed Lionel’s logging problem (missing values on linkport output
– fixed « libticables2 access violation » which appears when changing the link cable under some circumstances
– don’t allow launching of debugger if preloading has not finished yet => crash
– fix the « Default » button when importing a Titanium 89u (default to HW3 until we sort out HW4’s actual speed, not HW2)
– if link cable reconfiguring fails, fallback to null cable & port
– merged Lionel’s patch: fix buffer overflow in the disasm routine

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