Nouvelle version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– development PC updated to Intel Core i7 based. (Asus P6T DeluxeV2, i7 920 2.66GHz CPU @ 3.7GHz, 3x2G 1866MHz RAM)
– ASPI crash fixed (calling convention mismatch.. I didn’t test and only assumed previous fix would be the only problem left..)
– filesys default codepage changed to default ansi page (1252 breaks many non-european characters)
– added more directory harddrive error codes to Windows->Amiga code translation table (unit not ready, bad unit)
– directory harddrive Windows illegal character handling was broken
– do not capture mouse at startup if window is hidden/minimized
– archive dragging to HD-led really mounts it as a harddrive, even if it contains only disk images
– 1760k HD and 10 sector DD PC formatted had switched internal DD/HD flag (=above image types didn’t work)
– FAT12 formatted images supported as a harddrive (uaeunp feature)
– turbo/warp mode in fullscreen mode wasn’t as fast as possible

Télécharger WinUAE (Public Beta) [32 bits] v3.6.1 Beta 7 (3,7 Mo)

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