Free42 est une ré-implémentation de HP-42S et de l’imprimante HP-82240.

– BASE/ tried to catch division by zero by looking at Y instead of X. Oops! The result was that 0/1 would return « Divide by 0 » and 1/0 would cause Free42 to crash. Fixed.
– PalmOS version: tall skins can now be selected on all devices, regardless of whether they have tall screens or not. On most devices, this isn’t useful, but the tallness check had the effect of suppressing the 320×450 Ehrling42sm skin on the Tapwave Zodiac, which has a 480×320 screen; the result was that you couldn’t use that skin even if you switched to portrait mode.
– Added « Ramos240x400 » skin for 240×400 Pocket PC devices ( package). Contributed by Miguel Toro; based on Ramos480x640 by Noe Ramos.

Télécharger Free42 v2.0.20 (4,3 Mo)

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