Un émulateur de Microbee Z80 Premium/Standard 64/128/256/512Kb FDD.

New for this release:
– Added the z80ex Z80 emulator and is now the default.
– Completely overhauled the memory and ports management system, there is no longer any banked memory swapping, this has greatly reduced host CPU time for some Microbee systems and other code.
– Will now compile and work on Mac OS X Intel and PPC models. The PPC’s Big Endian architecture has not been fully tested.
– Added full screen, sound, volume+, volume- and tape buttons to OSD menu and removed Cancel.

– Recoded various source modules to make use of new Z80 APIs. The new method allows other Z80 emulators to be added.
– Serial, parallel printer, and other PIO interrupts have been improved.
– Changes made to PIO SW serial resulting in better performance.
– The Vertical blanking period has been increased to 15% to produce better sound with z80ex and when MWB v6.30e is used.
– Changed the –version option to also report the Z80 emulator in use.
– Double left button mouse click no longer toggles full screen mode when the OSD has the focus.
– Changes to ubee512rc to include a ‘darwin’ start-up conditional.
– Changes and additions to roms.alias file.
– Changed games.ini.sample to create the temporary games image in the default disks location.

– Fixed MD5 file matching to keep trying other matching MD5 entries when the file name is not found.
– Fixed segmentation error when creating a ‘.temp’ file and the creation of the file fails for any reason.
– Fixed mouse cursor positioning when switching between full screen and window displays.
– Fixed incorrect disassembly of IX and IY instructions.
– Fixed the standard PC85 model’s Shell garbled text problem by presetting some RAM locations. (this is actually a Shell bug)
– z80ex handles maskable interrupts better and has fixed some issues.
– z80ex fixes some instructions and passes all the ‘zexall.com’ Z80 exerciser program tests. (use -x500 to increase testing speed)
– GUI status line is now updated after an OSD console command is entered.

Télécharger uBee512 v6.0.0 (1,4 Mo)

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