Voici enfin la dernière version (après 14 bétas) de cet émulateur de Nintendo NES.

– Added a NSF driver, now you can load and play NSFs!
– External palette files (.pal) can be loaded.
– Changed color mode to 32 bits.
– Fixed WorkRAM 6000h-7FFFh, an obscure bug.
– Fixed MMC3 IRQs partially, thanks to Disch for the help.
– Mappers fixed: 4, 13, 20 (Famicom Disk System), 64, 90/160, 91, 117, 118.
– Fixed PRG data disassembler.
– Fixed a few oddities in the GUI dialogs.
– Fixed CPU dump 8000-FFFF.
– Fixed an obscure bug in the sprite evaluation.
– Fixed problems with the triple buffering mode.
– Fixed movies (joypad data logging for replay).
– Better sound output, less stuttering and skips thanks to a ring buffer.
– Added an alternate video config in the GUI.
– Added APU registers/context dump.
– Modified PRG data corruptor to use ROM address instead of CPU address.
– Reworked loading procedure.
– Removed GameGenie codes.
– Fixed command line game loading.
– Improved windowed mode.
– Tons of internal fixes, plus several cosmetic changes.

Télécharger RockNES (i686) v5.54 (1,8 Mo)

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