Nouvelle version de RockNES:

– Reworked 6000h-7FFFh CPU handling.
– Reworked/increased sound caching and playback.
– Fixed system reset sequence.
– Fixed MMC3 IRQs, plus added WRAM control (mapper 4).
– Fixed load state error message in the GUI.
– Fixed a few typos in the GUI messages.
– Fixed internal iNES header/data patching by CRC32.
– Fixed three bugs in the savestate code, no more gray screens.
– Fixed APU reset timing.
– Mapper fix: 4, 33, 87.
– Mapper new: 5 (preliminary MMC5), 48.
– Changed a few mapper board names.
– Changed default value on NSF « invalid » reads (thanks jsr).
– Changed system RAM dump filename to gametitle.ram.
– Changed color RAM dump filename to gametitle.pal.
– Changed pattern table (CHR RAM) dump filename extension from .chr to .pat.
– WAV file record is now possible to schedule before the first game run.
– The mapper savestate block is no more saved with zero-length (unused).
– The song start number from NSF header is now used, instead of always 1.
– For safety reasons, the emulator quits on savestate loading error.
– Removed the CPU timeslice with Allegro’s rest(1) to avoid deadlocks.
– Compiled with newer versions of GCC and Allegro, fixes a few things.
– Other important fixes there and there.

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