La dernière version de RockNES pour Windows !!!

– Fixed « running in background » when changing the video resolution.
– Fixed WAV file header, wrong size error.
– Resized blitter select window, smaller, for lower resolutions.
– Fixed required Famicom Disk System file name.
– Disabled Allegro’s rest(1) in triple buffering mode.
– Fixed broken WRAM I/O, a lot of games should work again.
– Fixed bugs in the timing code.
– Fixed NSF visualizer drawing circles out of bitmap boundaries.
– pAPU sound code optimized, should be (much) less intensive.
– Changed openbus return value.
– A few tweaks to improve the speed.
– Minor MMC5 fixes.
– Documentation updated.

Télécharger RockNES (i686) v5.54 (1,8 Mo)

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