Une version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– removed very old width divisible by 8 restriction
– genlock « emulation » (chipset clocks stop if no genlock and BPLCON0 external sync bit is enabled) was broken few betas ago
– NTSC alternating short/long line emulated (perhaps some rare NTSC-only demo cares about this)
– 5.1 sound mode had wrong Amiga channels -> center/sub mixing ratio
– another MOVEM disassembler fix
– pointless regstruct duplication in sources finally removed
– 68EC020/68020 « cycle exact » mode implemented. This is A500 chipset cycle exact mode combined with 68020 CPU. 68020’s chip RAM fetches are slowed by DMA, instruction cache is not emulated but « close enough » opcode fetches are not slowed down as much (better than nothing). Extra instruction processing cycle usage is not yet included, CPU basically runs as fast as memory allows. (which is more or less correct except slow instructions like mul and div need extra cycles) Quickstart A1200/CD32 most compatible now enables this new CE-mode. Some weird sound problems can be noticed, reason unknown..

Télécharger WinUAE (Public Beta) [32 bits] v4.0.0 Beta 3 (3,7 Mo)

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