Il ne s’agit pas vraiment d’un émulateur mais plutot d’une machine virtuelle pour développer et faire tourner des applications Atari ST, mais aussi TT & Falcon tournant sous Windows et en Open Source. Maintenant ARAnyM est fourni avec EmuTOS, un TOS gratuit. Deux versions sont disponible : Une avec et l’autre sans l’émulation du DSP.

Les changements:

– fixed possible crash in HostFS when quitting ARAnyM (not serious)
– fixed possible crash due to bug in libSDL up to v1.2.13 (very serious)
– fixed some redrawing problems in 8 and 16 color depths with soft NfVDI
– fixed all compile time warnings and Categories entry in aranym.desktop
– fixed weirdness when mouse pointer was leaving the window on Win and OSX
– fixed problem with invalid HostFS symlink breaking directory list
– improvement: HostFS symlinks are now shown as relative if possible
– fixed indirect descriptors handling in MMU (source:
– fixed HostFS symlinks for certain path configurations
– added Mode key in the set of ARAnyM hotkey modifiers
– fixed Alt+mouse click problem on Mac OSX
– fixed Right Shift detection upon startup

If you found ARAnyM crashing previously when moving windows around or doing any other activity where VDI had to blit screen areas then please upgrade to this version ASAP. We’ve added a workaround for a serious bug in the libSDL that was causing these weird ARAnyM crashes.

Télécharger ARAnyM v1.0.2 (4,0 Mo)

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