Gens/GS est une version de Gens, émulateur Megadrive, améliorée par GerbilSoft (David korth).
Le but est de nettoyer le code source et d’ajouter de nouvelles fonctions prises sur les différents dérivés de Gens.

Bug Fixes:

* [Unix] Starting Gens/GS with the « –fs » option or « Full Screen=1 » in the
configuration file works properly. Previously, the GTK+ UI would be
created after SDL was set to fullscreen, which caused SDL to revert to
windowed mode, resulting in all sorts of screwiness.

* Blargg’s NTSC Filter, MDP Version 1.1.1. This fixes two major bugs:
– v1.1.0: Don’t read from VRAM for line-doubling, since this is slow on Windows.
– v1.1.1: Draw the last scanline correctly when interpolation is enabled.

* [Win32] The « Screenshot » menu item was being checked/unchecked instead
of enabled/disabled in the menu synchronization function. This bug was
reported by AamirM in #retro.

* [SDL] Controller configuration now checks the current state of the
controllers before polling for new keys. This makes it easier to
configure controllers that have analog triggers whose default state
is negative-axis.

* [SDL] Gens/GS now recognizes diagonals on POV hats properly. This bug
was reported (and fixed) by superG on the Ubuntu Forums.

* Fixed the « Crazy » and « Gens Logo » intro effects so they work again.
The intro effect is now configurable in the « General Options » window.
Note that the « Gens Logo » effect may have problems on Win32 if the
desktop color depth doesn’t match the rendering color depth.

* The « Directory Configuration » window now correctly shows the directory
names in the « Select Directory » window title. This regressed when the
« Directory Configuration » window was ported back to C in r7_pre1.

* [Win32] If the « Normal » renderer can’t be initialized in Full Screen in
the DirectDraw renderer, try the « Double » renderer instead. Some newer
Windows video drivers don’t support double-scanning 320×240, so 640×480
must be used instead.

* [Win32] Fixed a massive lag regression from the « back-to-c » branch.
The DirectSound audio backend was sleeping for 1 ms while waiting for
the write pointer to change, which caused issues with the Windows
scheduler on some systems. Thanks to djohe from #retro for helping to
diagnose and solve this problem.

* [Win32] Removed a call to ChangeDesktopSettings() on exit. Notably,
this fixes a bug in Wine where Gens would disable the second monitor
on exit. It probably also fixes some flicker issues on Vista when
the program exited.

* SRAM functionality was accidentally broken in Release 7, Preview 2.
I overhauled the ROM header parser but forgot to byteswap various values,
including the SRAM addresses. SRAM works now.


* automake-1.10 is now required to build Gens/GS.

* The « Double » renderer is now default for both Full Screen and Windowed modes.

* Stretch mode now defaults to « Horizontal Only ».

* [Win32] Window reinitialization has been improved when switching to/from
Full Screen. The reinitialization code from the DirectDraw 4 and GDI
renderers has been merged into a single function.

* [Win32] The Release build now has an option for a debug console. To enable
the debug console, specify the « –debug » parameter on the command line.

* Incompatible MDP plugins are now displayed in a third tab in the Plugin Manager
window. The description field displays the MDP error code.

* [Ubuntu] The Ubuntu package no longer includes static libraries and libtool
files (.a and .la, respectively) for MDP plugins, since they’re useless.
External MDP plugins can’t be linked at compile-time.

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