Un plugin gérant les joypads sous les émulateurs de PS2, créé par ChickenLiver.

– DualShock 3 direct connection support added. Supports several tilt axes and analog input from all buttons that support it. Probably won’t work with six-axis controllers, as I don’t have one to test on. No idea about bluetooth support.
– Multi-tap support added. Requires relatively recent versions of Pcsx2 (SVN 893 or higher recommended). Note that this doesn’t work with the latest betas with wxWidgets, as the option is going to be added to Pcsx2’s interface, to allow use of memorycards on the emulated multi-tap as well.
– Pad save state stuff should be a little more robust. As a result, should wait until pad is initialized before loading savestates made with 0.9.11, just as one should have done every time with 0.9.10 or earlier, so shouldn’t really cause any issues.
– Miscellaneous binding improvements.
– Pressure sensitivity stuff may work better, now based on DS3 behavior.
– Messed up list of bindings when mouse API enabled and « Start without mouse focus » is set, and enter config screen after running PCSX2 fixed.
– Multi-threading vibrating while plugging in/unplugging a device bug fixed. Sure a whole lot of people ran into this one. Smile
– Logging bug fixed.
– Poll devices at most only once every 15 milliseconds. This will make the pad plugin less likely to cause slowdowns while fast forwarding games, though it will may make turbo behave less than perfectly in the same situations. As most people cant press and release a button even a mere 5 times in a single second, shouldn’t cause issues unless a game is running at least 10 times faster than it would on a PS2.
– Defaults for new force feedback bindings should work for most devices.
– Modified force feedback axis sorting.
– Improved keyboard queue handling slightly.
– Minor config screen fixes.

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