Une version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– automatically enable ini-mode if registry initialization fails (this should never happen, something is wrong if HKEY_CURRENT_USER is read-only or admin-only..)
– August 2009 DX SDK (you know the drill, latest DX runtime required)
– A2065 Ethernet card emulation. winpcap required.
– mostly useless « kickstart replacement » works again. Broke long long time ago..
– hrtmon v2.32
– 68030 « MMU » « emulation » instruction decoding fixes
– 68040 MMU on the fly switching supported
– fixed 1 lores pixel background color gap in some copper effects
– renamed display card panel to expansions and moved misc expansion related options from misc panel (still work to do)
– 1.5M slow ram was 1.0M+0.5M mirrored (non-power-of-2 memory sizes are not really supposed)
– MMU: hardreset if double bus error (real CPU would freeze and wait for reset in this situation, not worth the trouble)
– IDE emulation updates, read/write multiple implementation fixed, write interrupt fixed, 128-256 sector transfers supported, status register DSC must be always set. Compatible with Linux IDE driver

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