Créé par Byuu, le développement de cet émulateur a débuté le 14/10/2004. Sa priorité est de servir d’outil de débugging et de posséder un code propre. Sa compatibilité est de l’ordre de ~80% et requiert une configuration assez musclée en comparaison avec ses concurrents (~10-20% moins rapide que Zsnes).

Les changements:

– corrected a small bug in HDMA processing; fixes College Football ’97 flickering
– corrected ROMBR and PBR SuperFX register masking; fixes Voxel demo [MooglyGuy]
– DSP-4 driver AI bug fixed [Jonas Quinn]
– added save state support to the S-DD1, S-RTC, DSP-1, DSP-2 and ST-0010 co-processors
– fixed a freeze issue when the S-SMP encounters STOP and SLEEP opcodes
– Cx4 save states no longer need floating-point values, and are thus fully portable now
– added new custom file loading dialog; allows non-modal usage, screenshot previews and ROM info summary, among many other benefits
– added support for IPS soft-patching
– added blargg’s File_Extractor library
– added support for archives compressed using 7-zip, RAR and BZip2; which is in addition to existing support for Gzip, ZIP and JMA
– state manager now properly updates the timestamp column on saves [FitzRoy]
– added OpenGL renderer to OS X port
– fixed system beep issue with keyboard input on OS X port
– fixed menubar visibility issue on OS X port
– fixed a Display handle leak on Linux port [snzzbk]
– X-video driver now releases SHM memory properly upon exit [emon]
– fixed Direct3D rendering issue that was blurring video on some cards [Fes]
– enhanced window positioning code for all platforms
– debugger is now GUI-driven instead of via command-line
– memory hex editor is now fully usable
– added PPU video RAM viewer to debugger
– added S-CPU and S-SMP tracing capabilities to debugger
– Qt version upgraded to 4.5.2, and compiled with optimizations enabled; runs faster but makes the binary slightly larger
– too many code cleanups to list

Un manuel en ligne est disponible ici.

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