Un frontend hyper complet pour mame (ou autres), très configurable et souvent mis à jour.

– Some weird user messages in « Not Used Zip Files » feature (main menu « Settings » / « Maintenance »)
– Delete/move selected files in « Not Used Zip Files » and « Not Used Game Config Files » features was freezing after removing items from the list
– User selected bios was not being added into the command line (MAME, multi-bios games)
Front-end freezing after running « BlinkBkEdit() function ». It was using « GetTickCount() », not accurate on new CPUs (Core2Duo, PhenomII, etc). « No one reported this since the function was added… FATALITY! »
– Replaced by « Sleep() » function that can handle microseconds. Other functions do not require this.
– Function « Export Games List » was only working for « standard » and « grouped » view modes (left panel popup menu)
– Again, no bug reports :_((

– Updated EasyListView/CommonLibrary to latest SVN source (August 10, 2009)
– File « docsel-readme.txt » updated with latest changes
– FastMM library updated to version 4.94

– Minor tweaks in the user interface and source code

– none

– New feature: « Delete Game Config » (access on games popup menu or « Sift+DELETE » hot-key)
– Use this to delete CFG/NVRAM files from MAME based emulators, NVDATA file from SEGA Model 2, CFG file from ZiNc and Another Arcade Emulator (AAE)
– When selecting one game, you are able to check/uncheck files. When in multi-selection screen, all games will be listed and you will be able to check/uncheck what files you want to delete or keep. – Also, use the « Check All CFGs » / « Check All NVRAMs » buttons to check/uncheck all files for all games
– Daphne system is not supported by this feature, and there’s no recycle bin support!
– New feature: « Not Used Game Config Files » (« Settings » main menu, « Maintenance »)
– Scan all systems for not used configuration files (cfg and non-volatile RAM). It works similar to the « Not Used Zip Files » feature. All systems supported, except from Daphne

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