Une nouvelle version du M1.xml (fichier référençant les jeux lisibles via M1) est disponible ici.

9/28/2009 – 1895 Sets
– androdun (Andro Dunos) and exzisus (Exzisus) to match roms used in MAME 0.134u1.

9/17/2009 – 1895 Sets
– mk3 (Mortal Kombat 3). Got proper sound rom requiring a change in the XML in MAME 0.133u4. This was due to a compiler bug which I worked around to not miss anything from the initial M1.XML read.

– Updated data to MAME 0.134

8/20/2009 – 1895 Sets
– dirtdash (Dirt Dash) to the Namco Super System 22 Driver. This set was added to MAME in 0.133u3. There is some oddness and distortion in some tracks which might be dump and/or emulation related issues.

– Updated data to MAME 0.133u3.
– Rewrote my XML/DATA comparison checking programs to be faster to update as well as include the HAZEMD items (which the Genesis/Megadrive Information comes from). This information should be correct.

– cuebrckj > cuebrickj to keep in line with MAME.

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