Gens/GS est une version de Gens, émulateur Megadrive, améliorée par GerbilSoft (David korth).
Le but est de nettoyer le code source et d’ajouter de nouvelles fonctions prises sur les différents dérivés de Gens.

* The on-screen display text drawing code has received several changes:
– The text is now cached using the C64 character set data to reduce
the time needed to draw the text on every frame.
– The 1x and 2x text drawing functions have been consolidated into one
templated function.
– UTF-8 strings are now supported. Invalid UTF-8 sequences are treated
as local codepage characters.
– More characters were added to the C64 character set to take advantage
of UTF-8 support.

* The menu bar can now be hidden in windowed mode. To access the menu system
in windowed mode while the menu bar is hidden, right-click anywhere in the
Gens/GS window.

* Added an RGB Color Scaling option. This option scales colors to their full
brightness, which is accurate to how the original console worked. For
example, on the MD, a color component 0xE indicates full brightness; however,
on Gens/GS in 32-bit color, this would get scaled to 0xE0 (224) instead of
0xFF (255). With Color Scaling on, it is now properly scaled to full

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