Créé par Haze, HazeMD est un émulateur de Megadrive basé sur Mame (et en partie intégré dans MESS), il s’agit simplement d’une version Standalone de la partie Genesis inclus dans Mame (légèrement modifiée).

HazeMD 0.14 test version
I’ve reconstructed the internal database, using automatic tools and manual tweaking. As a result most sets are renamed. This is an ongoing process. It also means that any other sets that I’d missed before are now supported.

No improvements have been made to the emulation, this is just a reorganization release.

HazeMD 0.13 test version
this is a dump of the MAME SVN 02/10/09 (0.134u1-ish 0.134u2-ish) modified to compile HazeMD produced at the request of a member of the MAME development team.

This is probably less stable than the previous release due to the general degradation of the code over time, internal changes in MAME which have affected timing, etc. etc.

Romset support is basically the same, although a few 32x drivers have been added for testing (32x is veeeery slow) and a few of the proper (done with eeprom programmer) dumps of a few games, again for testing. F-22 Interceptor is an interesting cart.

Sadly there seems to be little interest in real dumps as they’re incompatible with the more popular emulators (they don’t have any idea how to load multiple files, and correct dumps are byteswapped when compared the ‘standard’ .bin format)

Virtua Racing (Megadrive, SVP chip) will also run now thanks to the progress made in MESS.

This was mainly done just so that I have a base of code that compiles with the latest version of MAME (the old code was getting horribly outdated and a pain to compile if I wanted to test) and because another developer requested a version that compiled with the current codebase.

I haven’t had time to strip the non-HazeMD stuff out, sorry. It’s just commented out in the mamedriv.c. This really is just a dump of the current code, before I give up trying to update it again.

When HazeMD was first released it did various things that Kega didn’t do (pirate games, a couple of cases wher Kega was buggy etc.) and also allowed you run to a lot of things on other platforms because Kega was Windows only.

Now Kega does pretty much everything (and more than HazeMD) and is available on multiple platforms, so this is rather redundant unless you’re debugging for MAME / MESS and want to have an easy to use testbed / regression run for any changes.

The SMS driver here isn’t as good as the one in MESS, the MESS one should be migrated over and the MAME drivers using SMS code should be updated to use that instead (Megatech/MP/SystemE)

Use at your own risk, you’re probably better with the old version if you just want to play games. However if you’re interested in just seeing how things run with the latest code, then have a play with this.

hazemd.exe is a normal build
hazemd_debug.exe is the debug build

(as per the latest mame builds, you can access the debugger in either anyway)

I’ll probably get around to doing a tidy up, romset list update and other things at some point when I have time to do more than a rushed update.

The set lists still need all the release date / manufacturer info adding. They also need cleaning up. I should probably write a tool to parse the database and neatly reformat it. If MESS does decide to one day adopt proper software set lists like MAME (and HazeMD here) that would seem like a more worthwhile task. If one day MAME and MESS are actually merged, that would be even better because it would make it far easier to check bugs across both projects without having to swap between projects all the time, leading to improvements to both MAME and MESS. I cant’t see it happening for various non-technical, reasons tho. (The A stands for Arcade etc. etc.) (rant over 😉

Anyway It’s not really worth reporting any news on this one, consider it unstable, unsupported with no guarantee that anything at all will work.

Télécharger HazeMD v0.14a (14.4 Mo)

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