Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de LaserDisc dont voici les changements:

– Fixed -startsilent command-line option.

– Moved the SDL.dll update to DaphneLoaderacute;s auto-update instead of Daphneacute;s. This is because DaphneLoader´s input_grabber also depends on SDL.dll.

– Changed parallel port code so that any address can be used for the parallel port (Brad Oldham).
– Updated to SDL v1.2.13, and applied Daphne-specific SDL mods.
– Fixed Vista black screen issue when using YUV overlays. YUV overlays will automatically be disabled for Vista,
which will result in slower performance. Therefore, Vista users should use OpenGL mode when possible for best performance.

– Fixed linux hardware queries (especially video card query).
– Changed linux .so loader so that can be in /usr/lib or some other place (Arnaud Gibert)
– Added « -datadir » command-line argument to change to a different directory before loading any data files.
This is so the daphne executable can live in a different folder (which is typical on linux).

– Fixed bug in Ogg Vorbis seeking. (Arnaud Gibert)
– Added support for compiling on 64-bit linux. (Joker)


– Fixed problem where dapinput.ini file wasnacute;t being looked for in the home directory.

Le frontend de Daphne, DaphneLoader, a également changé de version et passe donc en 2.2.7 avec les améliorations suivantes:

– Fixed opening daphne_log.txt file on Vista.
– Fixed input remapping which was broken by previous SDL update (see next item).
– DaphneLoader will now no longer launch Daphne if Daphneacute;s auto-update offer is declined. This is due to the SDL.dll library being shared by DaphneLoader and Daphne.

S’il est facile de récupérer la nouvelle version du frontend (suffit juste de lancer l’ancienne version et il se mettra à jour tout seul), j’ignore ou télécharger la dernière version de Daphne.

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