Créé par AamirM (également auteur de Nugen), cet émulateur de Megadrive/SMS/GG/SG1000/SC3000 intègre le filtre NTSC de Blarrg et utilise le système de plugins de Kega Fusion. Il a pour but d’être le plus précis possible.

Enormément de changements:

– Preliminary Genesis/Megadrive VDP Mode 4 (SMS mode) support. Although there is no game that uses it, I’ve been asked by many homebrew developers/hackers to add support for this. Note that Mode 4 in MD is a bit different than in SMS. These little details are detailed in Charles MacDonald’s SMS/MD docs. Due to time contraints, this feature isn’t very havily tested so expect some bugs 🙂 . Also note that this DOES NOT put the hardware in Mark III compatibility mode. The ports will still be unuseable.

– Hopefully fixed Sonic And Knuckles and other SRAM issues. The main problem is that I haven’t been able to reproduce these problems at my end so thats why I can’t be sure.

– Fixed Micro Machines 2 showing incorrect stage start screen when booth EEPROM and J-Cart are enabled.

– Hooked up EPPROM to some more games.

– Fixed Plan A/Window initialization bug. Thanks to Eke for reporting the bug (and fix!).

– Improved PSG. It should sound more accurate now. Levels have also been changed a bit.
Thanks to Shadow for reporting very detailed bugs and information about it.

– Added support for RPI plugin scalers of 3x and 4x. Previoulsy Regen only supported 2x scaler, now it supports all of them. In short, all of Kega plugins will now work. 🙂

– Added the option to boost PSG noise to make some people happy 🙂 .

– Added SMS border emulation.

– Improved SMS emulation. Should be more accurate now.

– Fixed « Output 4:3 aspect » not working in SMS games.

– Modified the NTSC filter plugin. Now you can instantly see the changes you make (like Hue, Contrast etc..) in the NTSC configuration dialog.

– Removed the old on screen text display engine and added new one. The new one has the following advantages over the old one:

* Support for Unicode.
* Allows translation of the on-screen messages.
* Works when fullscreen is enabled.
* Hopefully doesn’t have the problem of displaying garbage on some video cards.

– Added reconfigurable overdrive factor support. Previously, this was set to overdrive the final sound output by 2. Now yo can control is fom 1.0 to 5.0.

– Added featue to control the volume levels of FM and PSG separately. PSG Boost feature has been removed. This setting is mainly for those who are very picky about the volume levels between FM and PSG. But another factor in this is the game itself. Sound in some games may get clipped if the respective volume amplification is too much. So this needs a lot of tweaking before it can be used perfectly. My recommendation is to keep the settings between 1 and 2.5 and then use the overdrive factor setting to further amplify the sound.

– Scanlines effects added. Four predefined settings are given (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%). There is also the option to set the intensity to whatever value you want (for example 12%). Note however that the predefined scanlines setting are much faster than custom one. So its foolish to set custom intesity at 50% for example.

– Added « Power Saving mode » to increase laptop/notebook/netbook battery life while playing. In this mode, Regen won’t use 100% CPU. But this can cause a little bit of jumpiness in FPS/video.

– Removed picture being a bit blurry even if nearst neighbour filter was selected (in non-stretch mode). Strecthing will still cause blurrines however.

– Fixed palette problem when brighten was enabled in Game Gear games. Note that brighten may not have much of an effect on Game Gear games since the dynamic, extrapolated color range of Game Gear is close to 16-bit 565 colors.

– Added support to take screenshots in PNG format. This setting can be controlled in « Paths and Preferences » dialog. Support for taking screenshot in BMP is still present.

– Fixed support for 12-in-1 and 4-in-1 cartridges.

– Added support for following unlicensed games:

* Super Mario 2 1998
* Super Mario Bros.
* King of Fighter 98
* Super 19-in-1
* Super 15-in-1

– Changed the detection of unlicensed games. Now you need to disable « Autofix Checksum » in order for unlicensed games to work.

– Fixed cheat editor bug in « Cheats » dialog. Previously, it would ask for more values than required.

– Fixed BallZ 3D locking up by default.

– Fixed Regen crashing when editing cheats in the « Cheats » dialog by double-clicking
an empty place.

– SuperHQ option now works at whatever sound rate is selected. This means it is now supported by both 44100 and 48000 output sampling rates.

– Fixed cheat searching. Newly searched and added cheats now work. After adding a newly found cheat, they will appear in the « Cheats » dialog. After being added, they are turned on by default.

– Removed support for reconfigurable shortcuts using the INI. But you can still reconfigure shortcuts using another way. See the next change 🙂 .

– Fixed bugs related to brighten. In some games, enabling disabling birghten would cause some colors to turn black.

– Completely new localization support. Now, you not only translate the menus but translate the dialogs, message box text and even the on screen text to your language. Using this, you can also reconfigure the shortcuts. See « Localization.txt » in « Languages » subdirectory to see how to translate.

– Added « Alternate Timing » mode. This will fix jumpy FPS/stuttering video/audio for some poeple.

– Corrected mid-frame CRAM writes handling. Mega Turrican’s background sky gradient is now displayed properly.

– Added option to increase ROM space from 4 MB to 8 MB. This can only be changed by modifying the INI file and setting « LargeROMSpace » setting to « 1 » (LargeROMSpace = 1).

– Heavily refined path configuration dialog. Also contains other preferences as well so it has been renamed to « Paths and Preferences ».

– Fixed up UPS patching support. Now it works (finally). If you click « System->Patch », it will first search for a corresponding UPS patch in the configured Patch directory and apply that patch. If not found, it will give UPS patch selection dialog to select some patch. For automatic searching of patches, the UPS patches must be of the same name as the ROM file but with a « .ups » extension.

– Option to automatically patch up a ROM if a corresponding UPS patch is found in the configured patches directory. If it is not found, it does *NOT* pop up an error message and will silently continue the game UNPATCHED. It was done because popping an error upon loading of every game without a patch is rather annoying. For automatic searching of patches, the UPS patches must be of the same name as the ROM file but with a « .ups » extension.

– Option to ignore the CRC errors that were encountered during the patching of ROM.

– Added feature to enable/disable the autoamtic loading of cheat files.

– Small refinement to the menus. The menu items which start a dialog box now end with « … ».

– Improvements to the command line and drag-drop code. Now its case insensitive and now you can load SMS/GG files by drag-dropping.

– Fixed the bug whereby loading a SMS game with fullscreen option given on the command line didn’t go into fullscreen.

– Added support for SMS cheats. Note that only hex cheats are supported.

– Added ROM browser. Now you select the file inside 7z/Zip archives.

– Fixed a bug whereby loading a game after another caused the new game to be ran at the refresh rate of the previous game. This caused problems when, for example, one loaded PAL game after NTSC or vice versa.

– Fixed a bug which would caused Sonic Crackers to crash Regen while it locked up the hardware.

– Fixed a bug which caused a system lock up by a previously loaded game to not clear up while loading a new ROM.

– Input recording and replaying feature. Now you can record movies in Regen record format. Then you can exchange movies with other users. But most importantly, you can now record the movie without lagging and then later replay it in Regen while re-recording it as an AVI, to upload it on video sites like Youtube etc..

– Added option to slow down emulation speed. Various speed settings are also given. From 3% to 100% settings. Useful for TASing.

– Added frame advance feature to the menu item. This feature was present in many previous versions as well but people are too lazy to read the manuals and asked me to add it when it is already there.

– Added links to docs and some important websites to the « Help » menu.

– Some other stuff as well which now I’ve forgotten >_> .

– Now with a serious Read Me. 😀

Debugger Build:
Most of these bugs reports and suggestions were made by Wiz and BigNailCow from Shinning Force II (and Sonic) hacking scene. A few of the requested couldn’t be added becuase of my laziness. Sorry 🙂 .

– Added spectrum analyzer. Useful for some music makers and it just looks damn cool 😀 .

– Fixed overclocking feature which got broken in 0.95.

– Fixed mismatch between displayed PC and the starting PC in diassesmbly window after pressing any of the stepping buttons.

– Now the 68000 debugger shows the exact address of breaking when breaking using « Breakpoint Range » mode.

– Fixed YM2612 debugger bug where Sustain level was being displayed as Release rate (Thanksto Tiido for reporting).

– Added « Go to Address » feature in the ROM browser to go to a specific address.

– Added tracing feature to the 68k debugger. Its a bit unstable right now but traces are created perfectly (but may cause Regen to crash sometimes). So its recommended to create a savestate before using that feature. Tracing will make Regen very slow and if you don’t know how to use it correctly, you will find yourself running out of hard disk space :P.

– Made VDP layer selection dialog non-modal.

Télécharger ReGen v0.972 (703,5 Ko)

Télécharger Regen (Debug) v0.972 (874,4 Ko)

Télécharger ReGen (SSE2) v0.972 (724,2 Ko)

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