Un plugin pour émulateur PS2 et PSo qui permet de contrôler les jeux avec votre clavier et qui supporte les modes analogiques, créé par Rebel_X.

– Fixed a bug in Combo Matrices initializations, i.e., They were not filled with proper data. Didn’t notice this silly bug. Thanks to Ellestar for this, and bbkdude for mentioning it.
– Combo feature, Added the ability to leave empty actions at the end of any Combo, this will allow you to create Auto-Fire like behavior, e.g., First action is X, Second action is Empty, keep holding and pressing the key assigned for the combo will press/release X as fast as possible (or as slow, it depends on the delay value)
– Added a more useful use for the Mouse Wheel, Now you can configure the wheel to do whatever you want, like selecting weapons in FPS games, Zoom In/Out in strategy games, or even page flipping for the items inventory in RPG games. Note that if you don’t configure the wheel (Scroll UP/DOWN) it’ll behave as increasing/decreasing the pressure sensitivity for the buttons.

Note: The old configurations WILL BE LOST, due to the fixes and feature additions. The plugin will notify you about this..

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