Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de SMS/GameGear créé par Bruno.

En voici les nouveautés:

-Uses users home .osmose directory for saves and config file.
-Fix several code ambiguous parenthesis that make GCC 4.4 complain..
-Remove various debugging traces.
-Makefile few changes.
-Rewrite portable FPS calculation.
-Use a larger sound buffer since SDL 1.2.14 uses ALSA instead of OSS when
possible and is more CPU intensive. This caused a big CPU load.
-Bug fix in the save state system:
* Cpu flags and flags copy weren’t saved.
* Memory mapping was restored by fake writes into mapping register, which is wrong. Now pointed areas and bloc numbers are saved. Drawback : the previous save are not compatible with this osmose version.
-Defaut P1 A/B are mapped on W/V Key. This avoid virtual desktop changing while
playing 🙂 P2 A/B are now j/m
-inline a few methods for performance increase in FIFOSoundBuffer.

Le build Windows viendra plus tard.

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