Une version de VBA (basé sur la dernière version stable) créée par Sébastien Guignot aka kxu avec l’aide de Costis (object mosaic GP32), KVA (ARM/THUMB disassembler), kxu (GTK+ interface), Yann Parmentier aka kohai (new icons) et les ajouts de Nitsuja. Sa fonction première est de développer des fonctionnalités liées à la création de films via des enregistrements vidéos.

New Features
–Added RAM search and RAM watch dialogs from Gens!
–Added support for loading ROMs and movies in 7z/rar/zip/etc archives, including multi-file archive selection support

Win32 GUI features
–Now the emulator will never write to the Windows Registry anymore.
–Added an option to make the emulator prefer the old-fashion save/movie/etc. file naming to the new-fashion.
–Enabled directory override edit boxes
–Added directory overrides for GBx rom, cheats, ips, LUA scritps, AVI and sound recording.
–Re-added the « Open GBx ROM… » menu command. « Open ROM… » changed to « Open GBA ROM… ».
–Cleaned hotkeys (somehow). Old hotkeys settings might fail.

–Added input.get().
–gui.gdscreenshot, gui.gdoverlay code changes. removed the upper limit of opacity.
–Changed the draw timing of Lua GUI (use gui.register to display something).
–accept a table for color value.
–add gui.parsecolor, joypad.getup, joypad.getdown, emu.emulating.
–gui.line, gui.box, joypad.get becomes like Gens.
–Win32 Lua console – add a menu to Lua window with « Font… » and « Clear » items.

–Added Pixelate 3x and Pixelate 4x filters
–Fixed GDI/D3D/OpenGL display with 3x filters.
–Added Simple 3x and Simple 4x filters (unoptimized).

Bug Fixes
–Fixed a bug that certain accelerator keys would not be enabled correctly.
–Fixed an assertion failure in the old cheat search dialog.
–Fixed several activation problems of the main window and dialogs.
–Fixed an old bug that would crash the emulator if the user paused it with the throttle set to 25% or less and without a ROM loaded.
–Fixed menu item File->Pause. It now updates correctly. –Fixed display of timestamps of Save Slots. It can be enabled via File->Current Slot->Display Timestamps.
–Fixed an old bug that caused the emulator to freeze.
–Fixed various out-of-range errors within some file dialogs.
–Fixed GB memory viewer crash
–Fixed read-only toggle to refuse toggling when the movie file is not writable
–Fixed browse dialog filter selection crash
–Added « All Files » filter option to all browse dialogs
–Fixed movie drag & drop behavior.
–Fixed Reset/Cancel in the Directories dialog.
–Fixed compilation with SDL and gtk. Still malfunctioning.
–Fixed small bugs in Memory Viewer
–(Probably) the gbx SRAM issue ( issue 29 ) is now fixed.

Télécharger VBA Re-recording v24 LRC4 (svn 480) (1,3 Mo)

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