Bochs est un émulateur PC tournant sous Windows, son développement s’effectue en Open Source. Il supporte de nombreux périphérique tel que le CD-Rom ou Carte Son (SoundBlaster) et même une carte réseau est émulé (NE2000). De nombreuses applications ont été testé sous cet émulateur tel que : Access, Excel & Word 97 (…)

Les nouveautés:

– CPU and internal debugger
– VMX: Implemented TPR shadow VMEXIT
– Bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness (mostly for VMX support).
– Bugfixes and updates for Bochs internal debugger
– On SMP system stepN command now affects only current processor

– Memory
– Bugfixes for > 32-bit physical address space.
– Allow to emulate more physical memory than host actually could or would
like to allocate. For more details look for new .bochsrc ‘memory’ option.

– Cleanup configure options
– All paging related options now will be automatically determined according
to –enable-cpu-level option. Related configure options
–enable-global-pages, –enable-large-pages,
–enable-pae, –enable-mtrr
are deprecated now. Only 1G paging option still remaining unchanged.
– Deprecate –enable-daz configure option. Denormals-are-zeros MXCSR control
will be enabled automatically iff SSE2 is supported (like in hardware).
– Deprecate –enable-vme configure option, now it will be supported iff
CPU_LEVEL >= 5 (like in hardware).

– I/O Devices
– Bugfixes for 8254 PIT, VGA, Cirrus-Logic SVGA, USB UCHI

– SF patches applied
[2817840] Make old_callback static by Mark Marshall
[2874004] fix for VMWRITE instruction by Roberto Paleari
[2873999] fix CS segment type during fast syscall invocation by Roberto Paleari
[2864389] Debugger gui maximize on startup by Thomas Nilsen
[2817868] Rework loops in the memory code by Mark Marshall
[2812948] PIT bug by Derek

– these S.F. bugs were closed/fixed
[2833504] GUI debugger bug-about GDT display
[2872244] BIOS writes not allowed value to MTRR MSR causing #GP
[2885383] SDL GUI memory leak
[2872290] compilation in AIX5.3 ML10 failes
[2867904] crash with cirrus bx_vga_c::mem_write
[2851495] BIOS PCI returns with INT flag = 0
[2860333] vista 64 guest STOP 109 (GDT modification)
[2849745] disassembler bug for 3DNow and SSE opcodes
[1066748] Wrong registers values after #RESET, #INIT
[2836893] Regression: Windows XP installer unable to format harddrive
[2812239] VMX: VM-Exit: Incorrect instruction length on software int
[2814130] bx_debug lex/yacc files incorrectly generated
[2813199] MP Tables Missing From BIOS
[2824093] VMX exception bug
[2811909] VMX : CS Access-rights Type.Accessed stays 0
[2810571] Compile Errors on OSX
[2823749] GCC regression or VM_EXIT RDMSR/WRMSR bug
[2815929] Vista/XP64 unnecessary panic
[2803519] Wrong example in man page bochsrc

– these S.F. feature requests were closed/implemented
[422766] Large Memory configurations
[1311287] Idea for a better GUI
[455971] USB support
[615363] debugger shortcut for repeat last cmd

Le build windows viendra plus tard.

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