Une nouvelle version du M1.xml (fichier référençant les jeux lisibles via M1) est disponible ici.

11/20/2009 – 1897 Sets
– joyman (Joyman) and ctrpllrp (Caterpiller Pacman Hack) to the Pacman driver. Both games offer some unique tunes not found in normal Pac-Man sets.
– Updated assorted changes to keep current to MAME 0.135u1

11/02/2009 – 1895 Sets
Changed: sdgndmrb to grainbow (SD Gundam Sangokushi Rainbow Tairiku Senki) in MAME 0.135.

10/04/2009 – 1895 Sets
– nrallyx to nrallyxb (New Rally X). The new parent set for whatever reason does not work with current M1 driver. I hooked up this other set (which was nrallyx before 0.134u2) for use in M1.
– Updated romnames/descriptions to match MAME 0.134u2.

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