AEON est un émulateur de DOS pour Windows XP SP3/Vista et 7.

– 16/32-bit protected mode support added (no actual paging or protection works yet though)
– Fixed consistency issues with 16 vs. 32 bit stack and instruction pointers
– Fixed 32-bit addressing modes
– Small Sound Blaster DSP fixes, still lots of playback issues though
– Added support for a few FPU instructions
– Added extended memory support (XMS)
Most instructions now work with 16 or 32-bit operand sizes
– Fixed a few issues that caused hardware interrupts to get disabled when they shouldn’t
– Eliminated generation of multiple identical operand decoders (reduces memory usage, may increase performance somewhat)
– Fixed an issue with unchained 256-color (mode X) display modes sometimes getting rendered incorrectly

Télécharger AEON 0.64 (1,5 Mo)

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