XRoar est un émulateur Dragon32/64 mais aussi Tandy CoCo.

– Full CoCo RAM select emulation.
– Implemented SAM FAST mode.
– Include « dark orange » VDG text mode colour.
– Initial ALSA sound module (-ao alsa).
– Read a configuration file on startup.
– Experimental curses user interface.
– Fixed segfault in SDL joystick code.
– Work around nasty hang bug in SDL’s pulseaudio module.
– Add ROM search path to Windows build.
– Add -gl-filter option to select OpenGL texture filter.
– Support directly loading ASCII files (.bas, .asc) as gapped ASCII BASIC.
– Write-back support for VDK and JVC disk images.
– Request filename when creating a blank disk.
– Various bugfixes.

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