Une version intermédiaire de Glide HQ/64 est disponible sur le forum officiel du plugin, une version finale verra le jour prochainement.


– fix for multicore CPU

– New experimental fix for backgrounds. Fixed Glover sky blue line issue.
Report me, if you will find a new issue(s) in other games with this fix.
– Fix for « Midway’s Greatest Arcade Hits ». This fix must break something else, but I don’t remember what. If you will find, what is broken by this fix, I probably will be able to fix both games.
– Fix for sky in pokemon stadium
– Fix for texrect problem in Golden Eye
– Fixes for KI Gold issues
– More fixes for KI Gold issues
– Fix for WCW Nitro
– Fix for MLB Featuring Ken Griffey Jr.
– Fixed Rayman text
– Fixed Indy Racing 2000 track color
– Fixed hires backgrounds load
– Fixed RDRAM size autodetection (Paper Mario cured).
– Fixed backgrounds in Worms: Armageddon

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