Une version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– prowizard is now in static link library (no functional changes)
– update HDIW=0 or 1 OCS Denise feature, after more research (thanks to yaqube for finding real technical reason), OCS Denise hdiw counter does not reset from last line of previous field to line 9 causing « random » positions to match both start and end of hdiw, including normally unavailable positions. This was fixed in ECS Denise.
– sometimes cpu frequency was reset to 1000000, now it resets to default
– set « A500 speed » automatically when switching to cycle exact on the fly
– renamed « Match A500 speed » to « Approximate A500 or cycle-exact A500/A1200 »
– fixed rare sprite bug introduced in 2.0.0
– DF3 on screen led reused as internal nvram read/write led in CD32/CDTV modes
– filter presets were broken
– replace possible illegal (not in Amiga charset) characters in directory filesystem volume and device names, truncate to 30 characters if longer
– fixed random Direct3D filter garbage when on screen leds enabled and sometimes even when osd was disabled
– changed filesystem thread priority back to highest (+2), same as before 2.0, it seems +1 isn’t enough in all systems (slow fs performance when main thread is using all CPU time)
– removed broken URLs in about panel
– fullscreen and windowed file dialogs have separate position and size settings (Vista and newer only)
– attempt to center file dialogs in fullscreen mode (XP only)
– caps lock key supported in key mappings, toggle should be usually enabled if you are mapping host non-caps lock key to Amiga caps lock
– hardcoded keys (pause, scroll lock etc..) automatically disable hardcoded mapping if it is mapped in input panel (END + mappings are not disabled)
– num lock or scroll lock mapped to amiga caps lock -> follow led state (just like host caps lock key mapped to amiga caps lock key)
– filesystem charset conversion fallbacks added, ISO-8859-15 -> ISO-8859-1 -> windows-1252 -> current Windows codepage (not all XP installations have all charsets installed by default, last 2 can have problems with national characters but it is better than nothing)
– closing GUI debugger window won’t close the emulator anymore
– rar unpack crash fix

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