Il s’agit d’un nouvel émulateur Nintendo NES codé en open source. Très prometteur, ce projet est déja très avancé. Il est écrit en C++, tourne sous Windows. Notez qu’il supporte des plugins pour supporter les formats : FDS, iNES, NSF& UNIF.

Les améliorations de la v0.970:

– Updated all code to use C++ with namespaces, significantly reducing code size.
– Added various debugging statements.
– Various code cleanup and bugfixes.

– Added code to properly emulate race conditions when writing to APU registers at specific times.
– Add noise playback frequencies for PAL emulation.
– Fixed DPCM playback to properly emulate cycle stealing from DMA.
– Rewrote APU frame timer to properly handle clock jitter.

– Major cleanup of AVI capture code.
– Optimized AVI code to cache video frame information between frames.

– Rewrote code for all controllers to use proper C++ classes.
– Fix data/movie storage for several controllers to allocate the correct amount of memory.
– Changed Zapper code to determine « hit » based on overall brightness of the target region.
– Added support for Vs. Unisystem Zapper controller.
– Added ability to configure POV hats, either as 2 overlapping axes or as 8 buttons.
– Updated configuration code to query DirectInput for key/axis/button names rather than hardcoding them.
– Fix mouse input code to disregard axes that are not present.

Completely rewrote debugger. New features include:
– Edit CPU registers
– Toggle individual IRQ sources
– Browse CPU, PPU, Sprite, and Palette memory
– Add breakpoints based on execution address, operand address (read
or write), specific opcodes, or interrupts.
– View detailed properties of nametable entries, sprites, pattern
table tiles, and palette entries.

Game Genie:
– Fixed several bugs which could cause entered codes to not work.

– Added support for fullscreen display.
– Added option to add scanlines for 2x Windowed and Fullscreen modes.
– Configuring a Zapper controller now disables frameskip.
– Added RGB palettes for Vs. Unisystem PPUs 0002, 0003, and 0004.
– Rewrote NTSC palette generation code to correctly apply color emphasis.
-Adjusted color emphasis coefficients used when loading external palettes.
-After adjusting palette and saving changes, immediately redraw the screen using the updated colors.
– Add option to preview appearance of palette using various color emphasis modes.

Mapper Interface:
– Updated Mapper Interface version from 3.6 to 3.7.
– Updated ROM Information structure to support iNES 2.0 format fields.

– Added a dialog for movie recording, allowing a description to be added (Unicode version only) for the movie being recorded.
– Added a dialog for movie playback, allowing the movie’s properties to be previewed before movie playback actually begins.
– Fix problems with playing back movies of games whose mappers maintain state information between resets.

Main Program:
– Savestates, movies, SRAM, and debug memory dumps are now stored within the currently logged in user’s Application Data folder rather than within the program’s own directory.
– Nintendulator will now attempt to prevent any configured screensaver from activating while emulation is active.
– Builtin iNES header editor now detects and automatically cleans ROM headers bearing the « DiskDude! » signature.
– Fixed several bugs with configuration storage.
– Allow keyboard shortcuts to work properly with various dialogs.

– Enabled per-cycle emulation of sprite evaluation.
– Improve emulation of PPU I/O registers to properly handle several race conditions.

– Rewrote savestate code for Controlelrs to correctly store all data, as well as data lengths for each individual port.
– Fixed case where savestates from a previous version might not be loaded correctly.

– Fixed some MMC5 emulation errors.
– Reduced VS Unisystem coin insert delay.
– Fixed several bugs in NSF player BIOS.
– Enabled 8KB PRG RAM on iNES mapper 0.
– Fixed several issues with iNES mappers 22 and 23.
– Added support for iNES mappers 37 and 38.
– Rewrote IRQ logic for iNES mapper 91.
– Fixed support for NES-SUROM board.
– Added support for NES-SXROM board.
– Fixed savestate data for several UNL boards.
– Fix Vs. Unisystem mappers to force 4-screen VRAM.

Télécharger Nintendulator (Ansi) v0.970 (368,2 Ko)

Télécharger Nintendulator (Unicode) v0.970 (374,1 Ko)

Et ci-dessous les builds de la version en cours de développement.

Télécharger Nintendulator (Unicode) v0.975 Beta (2017/12/04) (458,5 Ko)

Télécharger Nintendulator (Ansi) v0.975 Beta (2017/12/04) (451,9 Ko)

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