Un émulateur de NES nécessitant Windows Vista ou 7 car il demande de posséder DirectX 10 ou supérieur.

– Fixed a bug that, in some cases, prevented SRAM from being saved to disk.
– nemulator now includes a cycle-accurate emulation mode! This mode enables accurate emulation of games like Battletoads and Marble Madness and eliminates graphical glitches in many other games. The scanline-based (fast) mode is used in the menu, and the cycle-based (accurate) mode is used in-game. This is configurable in nemulator.ini.
– Added options to disable sprite limiting (to reduce flicker) and to mask the sides of the screen (to hide scrolling glitches). These are configurable globally and on a per-game basis; see nemulator.ini.
– Fixed bug that could cause random hangs on game selection.
– Improved audio resampling.

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