UberNES est un émulateur NES tournant sous Windows écrit par MK Productions. Le but n’est pas de produire le meilleur projet de tout les temps ni le plus rapide d’ailleurs mais un nouveau projet qui contient des possibilités que n’offre pas les autres émulateurs…

– Added a « Player Profile » feature that displays all of the UberNES high scores and speed run times for players on the UberNES leaderboards
– Added post-processing effects system, renderer can now apply various effects independently of the selected upscaler (i.e. hqx, NTSC)
– Added screen curvature/fishbowl post-processing effect
* Ray-traced rendering simulates curve of old CRT glass screens
* Software-based implementation; works in GDI and DirectDraw
– Added « oversampler » post-processing effect
* « Native » NES output can be scaled to proper 4:3 aspect ratio
* Can optionally crop edges of NES display to hide rendering artifacts
– Added scanline post-processing effect
* Variable-intensity scanlines can now be applied on top of NES display, regardless of selected upscaler
– Render color depth can now be specified independent of desktop color depth
– Added 16 and 32-bit color depth renderers for the GDI interface, which allows for much faster NTSC and HQX upscaling
– Users can now fast-forward games they are playing
– Redesigned NES database system, it is now much faster, easier, and more robust for users to create and re-scan their ROM collections
– Improved performance and stability of NSF player
– Emulation now consumes much less CPU
– Improved joystick support

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