Une version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– Shadow Fighter AGA graphics priority issue really fixed now
– COPJMP cycles in DMA debugger shown correctly, no functional change (after COPJMPx access copper does dummy move cycle before COPxLC changes, dummy data and addresses shown now correctly)
– show CPU access type (byte, word or long if 32-bit bus) in DMA debugger. TODO: separate instruction and data fetches without slowing everything down..
– added DMA channel names to DMA debugger (COP, BLT etc..)
– few hours of boring logic analyzer CPU cycle usage checks..
– 68000 AND.L, OR.L, EOR.L, ADD.L, SUB.L also write data in reverse order (like NOT.L, CLR.L and NEG.L do, R+0, R+2, W+2, W+0)
– CMP idle cycle and prefetch swapped (previously only CMPA)
– AND/OR/EOR/ADD/SUB #x,Dn idle cycle and prefetch swapped
– ADDQ.L #x,An had wrong cycle count
– 68000 interrupt startup cycle counting updated
– MOVE address error handling may be temporarily broken
– 68020 ce-mode cpu chip bus access used a500-like timing
– above changes seems to have fixed some demo glitches

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