Nouvelles versions pour PinMame (flippers) et ses dérivés.

PinMame/32 v2.2:
– Support for Capcom shaded lamps (using ChangedDMD array)
– Reduced DE DMD clock to 2 MHz, making games & sounds sync better
– Reversed EOS switches for F14 Tomcat
– Corrections for shallow Gottlieb driver prototypes
– Kiss prototype moved to own source file kissp.c
– Re-added comments to byvidpin.c
– Gottlieb 9-segment digits replaced with legible alphanumerics (in DEBUG mode only)
– Added four more key columns (triggered by Q-Z through R-V combinations, DEBUG only)
– Added support to compile PinMAME with GCC 4.0, hopefully this will create interest for someone to build a Linux version
– Replaced void* by genf* for GCC 4.0

– Gottlieb Strikes n’ Spares (rev. 1)
– Gottlieb World Challenge Soccer (disp. rev. 2)
– Gottlieb Mario Andretti (prototype rev. 4)
– Sega Wack-a-Doodle-Doo
– Williams F-14 Tomcat (P-3, P-4)
– Toptronic unknown game on Gottlieb System 3 hardware (not working?)
– Sonic Solar Wars []
– Playmatic Chance []
– Williams The Machine: Bride of PinBot (L-3), thanks to Inkochnito
– Sega X-Files (rev. 2.04), thanks to Inkochnito
– WMS No Good Gofers (rev. 1.0), thanks to Steve Ellenoff

Visual PinMame v2.2:
– No interface changes, refer to whatsnew.txt for PinMAME changes

Télécharger Visual PinMAME v3.0 (22,7 Mo)

Télécharger PinMAMEW v2.5 (1,3 Mo)

Télécharger PinMAME32 v2.5 (1,4 Mo)

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