Une version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– ADDX and SUBX timing updates
– ABCD and SBCD idle cycle position in -(An),-(An) mode fixed
– EXG idle cycle and prefetch swapped
– BCLR/BSET/BCHG/BTST idle cycle and prefetch swapped
– writing to blitter registers while active could have confused blitter emulation logic, stopping the blitter mid blit (stopping because emulation got confused, not because emulation detected situation when it should really stop)
– plain A500 OCS/ECS byte writes to custom registers fixed (I think this was using 68020/AGA behavior for all modes accidentally)
– interrupt delay and 68000 IPL sampling timing improved
– windowed mode window was sometimes incorrectly detected as resized when it only lost focus (native mode size was changed to current window size)

Big CD32/CDTV CD handling update:

– stupid MCI CD32/CDTV CD audio replaced with simple « audio ripper » that reads the digital CD audio data and sends it to audio device. NOTE: no jitter correction yet (possibly bad sound if your drive is old enough to not have accurate streaming support)
– CDTV CD hardware volume control now supported
– CD32 CD mute on/off « volume » control supported (no real volume..)
– Sound-panel volume also adjusts CD32/CDTV CD audio volume
– CD32/CDTV Q sub channel data virtualized (does not need real drive anymore, makes new things possible, see below)
– Built-in CUE CD image support, including CD audio track support! .CUE + single big .BIN and .CUE + .BIN + .WAVs supported (MP3 audio is also supported if you have mp3 codec installed but all tracks will be decoded before emulation starts, at least for now..) Most common data tracks supported. Plain iso images also supported. Problems = logs AND .cue file required. cdimage0= in config file, command line parameter -cdimage= can also be used. No GUI support yet.

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