Nouvelle version de cet émulateur de Nintendo Nes, incontestablement sur le poduim des 3 meilleurs ému Nes jamais créé.

– Reworked iNES mapper I/O handler.
– Reworked PPU color code and event scheduler.
– Fixed sprite 0 strikes.
– Fixed triangle channel output.
– Fixed triple buffering setup.
– Fixed graphics reset and triple buffering set.
– Fixed PPU timing and DMC IRQ clocking.
– Improved Allegro sound support.
– Changed APU sound queue/dequeue method.
– Removed timeslice from double buffering, increases CPU usage though.
– Mappers added: 46, 58.
– Mappers fixed: 0,1,16,34,43,64,68,69,72,79,83,88,90,92,97,113,184,187.
– Removed NESticle savestate support for good.
– Optimizations and some speed up.
– Other minor things fixed.

Télécharger RockNES (Core2) v5.061 (184,8 Ko)

Télécharger RockNES (i686) v5.54 (1,8 Mo)

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